2016 Volvo S80S Review

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2016 Volvo S80S is recommended to all those who want modern, futuristic and greatly designed car. The combination of this and reduced fuel consumption may be a real deal for many.
2016 Volvo S80S

2016 Volvo S80S Exterior

The overall impression when looking at the lines of this model is that they go smoothly and elegantly giving a kid of elegant, stylish and futuristic look. The car would have four doors and enough cargo area. He interesting thing is that the roof smoothly continues over the trunk. There is no need to say that LED head and taillights would suffice all standards in terms of design. There is also one additional option which may be interesting for many potential buyers and that is moon-roof. This is a great accessory during driving through beautiful scenery.
2016 Volvo S80S Exterior

Interior of 2016 Volvo S80S

The manufacture made correspondingly luxurious and well-designed interior. The interior would be made fro, the finest materials and there would be plenty of space for everybody. The manufacturer also included many technological improvements in order to stay up-to-date. Some of them are the touchscreen with seven inches which is there to make driving more comfortable and to monitor the condition of the road and the car itself. One of the high-tech accessories that the manufacturer included are satellite navigation. The climate and audio control are also perfect and there to provide a potential driver maximum comfort and pleasure.
2016 Volvo S80S Dashboard

Engine and Transmission of 2016 S80S Volvo

It is sure that the manufacturer would offer this model with a 2.0 liter engine which would have four cylinders. This engine variant would be able to produce about 240 horsepower with about 258 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, it is expected that there would be another variant with a 2.0 liter engine which would be able to produce about 300 horsepower. It also needs to be mentioned that there are reconsideration about a diesel engine which would also have a 2.0 liter engine and which would be able to produce about 170 horsepower. We should also say a few words about the transmission. The incorporated transmission would be the automatic one. This transmission would have six speeds. However, it would be possible to get automatic transmission with eight speeds for the models with 300 horsepower. The thing that may be very important is the fact that the manufacturer made an SUV which has lesser fuel consumption.
2016 Volvo S80S Engine

Volvo S80S 2016 Release Date

The announcements set the release of this model for the beginning of this year, i.e. for January 2015.
2016 Volvo S80S 1

2016 Volvo S80S Price

The price range of this model would naturally vary depending on the type of equipment you want. The basic variant of this model would cost about $40 000. Potential buyers would have to pay about $60 000 for enhanced and upgraded models with additional equipment.

All in all, 2016 Volvo S80S should be complimented for modern brave and kind of futuristic exterior design, for comfortable and luxurious interior and for its safety options and reduced fuel consumption. Those are quite sufficient reasons which should help a potential driver to choose this vehicle.

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