2016 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Interior, Review

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Toyota is certainly among the most popular SUV manufacturers in the world and for a good reason – their SUVs are reliable, good looking and affordable at the same time. Actually, Toyota has recently started producing different SUVs at different price, so they basically have an SUV for everyone. One of their models that got attention from the day it was released is the Fortuner – the affordable SUV that is built on the same chassis as their popular pickup – Hilux. Now, the company has decided to replace the current model with the new 2016 Toyota Fortuner.

2016 Toyota Fortuner House

Toyota Fortuner 2016 Exterior

The all-new 2016 Toyota Fortuner is yet to be unveiled, which basically means that there are no official images of the SUV. Some spy shots have recently been published on the web, but the Fortuner is hidden so well, that most of the interesting details can not be seen. Some reports suggested that the car will keep its overall shape, but some of the key design details will be changed to make the car look more modern and aggressive (which fits in the current design ideas of the Japanese manufacturer). On the front of the 2016 Toyota Fortuner will be surely used new grille and new headlights, while the back of the SUV will have new taillights. Unfortunately, the rest of the design of the exterior will not be seen until the official unveiling.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Grass

Interior of brand new Fortuner Toyota 2016

When it comes to the interior of the new 2016 Toyota Fortuner there will be some significant changes, especially when you compare it to the current model. First of all, the design of the interior will be borrowed from the new Innova, meaning that the 2016 Toyota Fortuner will have interesting and modern design of the interior that will be built using better materials. The equipment that comes as standard is going to include electric front seats, satellite navigation and digital climate control.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Dashboard

2016 Toyota Fortuner Engine

One of the biggest improvements that should 2016 Toyota Fortuner bring is the new engine line up, because its predecessor had older engines that were not good when it comes to fuel efficiency. The 2016 Toyota Fortuner should come with 2.5l turbocharged diesel engine that produces around 180 horsepower and a 2.7l inline-4 petrol engine that should produce around 200 horsepower.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Engine

2016 Fortuner Price

The price for the base 2016 Toyota Fortuner should start around $30,000.

Toyota Fortuner 2016 Release date

The 2016 Toyota Fortuner should go on sale in the middle of 2016.

More info on official Toyota website.

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