2016 Nissan Qashqai front

2016 Nissan Qashqai Price and Release Date

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Believe it or not, the midsize SUV Nissan Qashqai is one of the best selling models in the crossover class, and it was sold in 2 million units since it became available in 2007. The 2016 Nissan Qashqai is expected to come with huge improvements, which will make it an ideal crossover for the drivers who are searching for a car that provides great fuel economy and high efficiency. Furthermore, it will also come as a stylish vehicle, equipped with high-tech features, offering an comfortable and at the same time exciting ride.

Nissan Qashqai 2016 front


As far as the exterior goes, the new Nissan Qashqai mid size SUV will have a longer body than the previous model. It will also come with a bit wider body and a lower ground clearance. It will definitely hit the market as a crossover with a unique design style that comes with a clamshell inspired hood, and several features that are similar to those of the older models. With its bold design and plenty of attention to details, it will certainly bring refreshment to the automotive market. Speaking of the design, the new crossover comes with a perfect combination of strong curves and neat lines, as well as with 19-inch alloy wheels that add a certain charming touch to the overall external appearance. New Nissan Qashqai 2016 will also come with LED powered daylight running lights, while the higher end models will feature complete LED headlights.

2016 Nissan Qashqai side


Even though the previous model came with an excellent interior design, the new Nissan Qashqai is expected to come with an upgraded interior that will make it even more attractive. The cabin of the new Qashqai will be fitted with sufficient and improved features, thanks to a longer body and the more overall interior room. The cargo space will be modified according to the requirements of the buyers, and with variable ground system that is also used in the Renault Nissan Alliance’s Common Module Family. As far as the safety features are concerned, the customers can expect new power steering, double piston shock absorbers, front collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and traffic sign recognition.

2016 Nissan Qashqai interior

Engine and 2016 Nissan Qashqai performance

Under the hood, the new Nissan Qashqai 2016 engine will have a lineup of 3 choices. The base option will be a 1.2 l Inline-4 petrol engine with a capability of producing 116 hp and 140 lb-ft of torque. From 0-60 mph it will go in 11 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 115 mph. Estimated fuel economy is rated at 41/58/50 mpg. The second option will be the 1.5 l Inline-4 dCi diesel engine, capable of delivering 110 hp and 190 lb-ft of torque, and it will go from 0 to 60 mph in 11,9 seconds, and have a top speed of 110 mph. Fuel economy is rated at 67/79/74 mpg. The third option will be the most powerful one. It will be a 1.6 l Inline-4 dCi diesel engine with the ability to pump out 130 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque, and accelerate from 0 t0 60 mph in 10 seconds, reaching a top speed of 115 mph. This 2016 Nissan Qashqai engine’s fuel economy is rated at 54/72/64 mpg.

2016 Nissan Qashqai rear

2016 Nissan Qashqai Price

Even though the new Qashqai comes redesigned and offers some new features, the expected 2016 Nissan Qashqai price should be similar to the price of the current model, meaning that the price should be in the range of €26,500 to $30,000 for the base model.

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