2016 Nissan Frontier Review, Redesign

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The Nissan Frontier continues its run without much heed for changes or innovations, and the 2016 model is no different. Some would think that the new color choices and an optional moon roof are the only major differences compared to the previous version. Other than that, the truck has changed little since 2009, and it seems to be aging well, for the time being. Its fully boxed frame, optional all-wheel drive and various gadgets for cargo management never get old. Still, a replacement is in the making, so if you are a fan of the series, either get yours before they change it or wait for any treats a new version will bring. But that probably will not happen in a year or two at least, so let’s focus on the immediate future instead, and that is – 2016 Nissan Frontier.

2016 Nissan Frontier

2016 Nissan Frontier Exterior

The Nissan Frontier has been around for so long, that its style is something we have grown accustomed to. So, even if there are relatively few external changes, most people will not mind. The grille remains small, and the front fascia seem identical to the previous version. The new color options (Forged Copper, Gun Metallic, and Magnetic Black ) are a welcome addition, although the moon roof never gets old, either. There is an optional extended cab and the four-door version as well. Beds come in five- and six-foot versions, although different trims may limit your options in this regard.

2016 Nissan Frontier Dirty

Interior ow new 2016 Nissan Frontier

The inside of the 2016 Nissan Frontier has also remained relatively untouched. However, unlike the exterior, this area is showing signs of aging, as new software and gadgets are coming out at an alarming rate, whereas Nissan has been slow on the uptake. The steering wheel seems bulky, while the electronics belong in a 2009 vehicle, rather than a 2016 one. Hard plastics has not been the material of choice for interior designers for quite some time, and guys from Nissan apparently never got that memo. Then again, the truck can still run, even with dated infotainment and clunky controls, and people get used to it after a while. Except if they are on the back seats, as those offer very little room and next to no support. Small children and bulky cargo seem like the best options for the back seats.

2016 Nissan Frontier Interior

Nissan Frontier 2016 Engine

The 2016 Frontier will offer two engine options. One is the base 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 152 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque. The other is a 4.0-liter V-6 with 261 hp and 281 lb-ft of torque, placing it at the top of its class. Regardless of cab configuration the transmission is either manual or automatic. The first engine will be paired with a five-speed manual, while the six-speed version is reserved for the more powerful engine. Besides, five-speed automatic transmission is available with either engine.

Release Date of Frontier Nissan 2016

The 2016 Nissan Frontier will be made available this winter.

2016 Frontier Price

As for the price, since Nissan Frontier changed very little compared to the earlier models, the price should follow suit. That means the base model will start at $18,000 but different trims can rack it up to more than double that amount.

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