2016 Ford Galaxy Interior Exterior Appearance

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The Ford Galaxy, as we know it, is present on the global car markets for almost ten years. So, in order to stay competitive in today’s very fierce and pretty ruthless competition, the folks from the American car manufacturer, Ford, have decided that now presents just the perfect moment to launch a brand new, fully freshen up, the 2016 Ford Galaxy. It will remain to be an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) that is quite similar to the S-Max, but a slightly taller and a little bit longer. This newly made variant will be even bigger in its overall size compared to the current available variant. You can find out, below, written in our review, some reliable data and figures which we are considered as relevant, when it comes to the 2016 Ford Galaxy.
2016 Ford Galaxy Side View

Interior, Exterior & Appearance of 2016 Ford Galaxy

First and foremost, it is planned that all-new 2016 Ford Galaxy use whole new designed platform (known for its code name: a CD4 platform) and according to this fact, the whole new generation of Galaxy vehicles will, in a way, inherit more than just a few hints from its globally known sibling- the Ford Fusion.
    When it comes to the general exterior appearance, we have, already, pointed out, that this fully freshen-up variant will be slightly bigger in its overall size, and its front end will come along with a trapezoidal stripe grille coupled with somehow lower pointed nose. At the same time, its windshield will be slightly swept back and also, a bit bigger. When we take a look at the Galaxy’s rear end, we will notice some brand new features. Among them all, certainly, the most eye-catcher one will be the Mondeo-like taillights.
Ford Reveals All-New Galaxy; Luxurious Seven-Seater Offers First
As for the interior design concerns, the 2016 Ford Galaxy will remain to be an utterly comfortable 7-seater, which interior, in terms of material as well as in design options, won’t be so radically changed. The most striking detail, regarding brand new features, will be newly designed flat-top dashboard, which is created in a way, to look a bit less sporty. But, if you’d ask us for an opinion, we’d say, it looks a bit more attractive than it used to be. Everything else, regarding the interior, will remain pretty the same. That means, that the soft plastic will prevail throughout the whole cabin and the all of the seats will be wrapped either with cloth or leather upholstery. Cargo space will also stay quite roomy and even, exceptional, when rear seats are being folded down. When it comes to a comfort being provided, newly made Galaxy will offer lots of adjustment for both; the driver’s seat and the steering wheel.
2016 Ford Galaxy Exterior
The only thing we would take as a certain disadvantage, regarding this particular vehicle, that is its touch screen and navigation aren’t considered as a part of a standard equipment, and if you want them, you will have to pay additionally around $2,000, in order to possess them both. And we just thought that this vehicle has it all. What a shame.

2016 Ford Galaxy Engine

Under the hood of this novelty, one will able to find a several powerplant options. The first one, the most likely, will be a 2.0-liter TDCi Biturbo diesel motor, which general output has been estimated of producing 207bhp and 332lb ft. This particular engine option will be available in lower-powered single-turbocharger forms, which means that will be able to pump up to 118bhp, 148bhp or 178bhp. The whole Galaxy engine range will in fully meet all Euro 6 emissions legislations, and the officials from the Ford Company claim that the overall fuel economy and CO2 emissions will be also much improved across the range.
2016 Ford Galaxy Engine

Release Date & Price of Ford Galaxy 2016

2016 Ford Galaxy 1
Although, the exact premiere of the 2016 Ford Galaxy was not familiar, at this moment, but we’re assuming that this will happen during the very beginning of the following year. The price is expected to come in a range between $40,000 and $50,000 for the U.S. market.

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