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2015 Toyota FT-1 Release date and Price

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Toyota has officially confirmed that the 2015 Toyota FT 1 will be the next-Gen supra. The stunning 2015 concept took the 201 Detroit motor show by storm, and just before it was unveiled, word was already going round that it will be the next generation Toyota supra and now that has been confirmed and now the FT-1 shall hit the production lines as the neat years great sport car from the Japanese car maker.

2015 Toyota FT-1 Front

This iconic car became famous in the 90’s because of its easy tuning feature and also its affordable price for a sport car. It can be viewed as a legendary car whose previous generations seized production seven years back and the 2015 model is meant to resurrect it. The new generation supra is not expected to be released this year, but in sometimes in 2015.

2015 Toyota FT-1 side

Engine and Mechanics, Concept of 2015 Toyota FT 1

The supra was branded its name for its extremely outstanding performance. With this the 2015 Toyota FT-1 won’t be left behind by its competitors in the super cars league. It is expected to hit the market with a bold and powerful attitude just like its rivals.Its engine options are still a topic being discussed by the company’s heads as what drive unit to be used is not yet decided.

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There are discussions about using the hybrid version as well as a 3.5l V6 unit that’s able to produce well above 350hp and 372Nm of torque. On the other hand, there’s still a possibility of using a 5.0l V8 Powertrain that will produce 450hp and 520Nm of torque. So far the only option that seems certain is the hybrid version. Expect top speed from this petrol engine which ever it will be, it will be able to do 275km/h.

2015 Toyota FT-1 detail front

2015 Toyota FT 1 Interior and Exterior, Concept

What made the supra become so much famous will be reflected in the new release 2015 Toyota FT-1 Concept model. Its well known wing at the rear and the logo badge shall all be retained as the car’s trademarks. Having been off the market for a few years, the new 2015 model is expected to come with revisited large alloy wheels and still maintain its sporty appearance. Its attractive design and high performance are among its greatest advantages which is mandatory when it comes to a sport car design as required by the industry.

2015 Toyota FT-1 interior

Concepts used for building the 2015 Toyota FT 1 design are the FT-HS and the FT-86 concepts. The entire desired impression is to present the car as elegant, stylish, luxurious modern sport car having detailed futuristic interior and exterior features. The 2015 FT-1’s interior details are not yet unveiled, but a lot of hi-tech features are expected to come with this model plus some improved safety features too.

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2015 Toyota FT-1 seats

New Toyota FT-1 Price and release date

Since this model is still in its development stage, we can expect it to be launched before the end of 2015’s Q2. 2015 Toyota FT-1 price is estimated by experts to range between; $40,000 – $50,000. It is not yet confirmed, but the 2015 FT-1is expected to be Toyota’s #1 for the year 2015.

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