2015 Tesla Model X-front side

2015 Tesla Model X SUV Price and Release Date

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Tesla is probably the best known manufacturer of electric cars in the World. They started making the Roadster that was basically an electric Lotus. After they managed to surface the market they started designing their own cars with the S and now, the 2015 Tesla Model X. The latter will be an electric crossover with an unique four wheel drive system.

2015 Tesla Model X-front

New Model X Engine

Unlike the S, the 2015 Tesla Model X will not have just an engine but two. I know this is somewhat strange for a production model but Tesla said that because these are electric motors there are no real transmission losses so you can afford putting two of them without affecting negatively the fuel consumption of the ride of the car. Each of these two engine has around 200 horsepower and as much as 400 lb-ft of torque which means it will be plenty powerful even when using just one of these engines.

2015 Tesla Model X-side

Power will be supplied by one of the two battery packs available. The 60 kWh one will give you around 200 miles of range while the bigger 85 kWh one will offer you as much as 270 miles of range. Take into account that the latter will also give you more power at around 450 horsepower while the first one will only be good for around 300 horsepower. Performance is good and just like the Model S, the X will be able to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in less than 4.5 seconds while top speed will be limited to 130 MPH for the more powerful one.

2015 Tesla Model X-rear

2015 Model X Design and Interior

Design wise the car borrows styling elements from the S as well as from the previous Roadster. It comes in an SUV package with a bit of a higher ground clearance, big 19 or 20 inch wheels and a very sleek body kit. Thanks to this body kit the drag coefficient is very low which allows it to isolate wind noise very efficiently.

2015 Tesla Model X-interior

The biggest design cue of the new 2015 Tesla Model X are going to be its doors. Sure, the front doesn’t impress with much but the back doors will blow you away. Unlike usual doors these open up in order to reveal a Gull-wing silhouette which really makes it one of a kind. Also, thanks to these doors you will be able to get passengers in and out of the car with ease even in the tightest spaces.

2015 Tesla Model X Price and Release Date

The 2015 Tesla Model X is going to be released somewhere at the end of this year, so you can expect a few things to change until the final release. Nonetheless, the car is going to cost you around 60.000$ for the base model and around 90.000$ for the most expensive one with most of the options included in the price.

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2015 Tesla Model X-front

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