2015 McLaren P1 GTR-front

2015 McLaren P1 GTR Concept and Price

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Slowly but surely the highly acclaimed McLaren P1 is getting to the end of its life. This year the last of the 375 cars will be built and the production will end. Don’t despair though because the good fellas from McLaren are planning to release a brand new model that isn’t exactly new. This is the 2015 McLaren P1 GTR that it is based on the P1 but adds a few cool features to it and also what everybody wants, a more powerful engine.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR-side

McLaren P1 GTR Engine and Mechanics

I know you might think that the previous car was pretty powerful and more power could be considered silly. Well, you’d be wrong because the new 2015 McLaren P1 GTR will feature a highly sophisticated body kit that will not only increase the down force but it will also lower the top speed which may turn some people off.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR-side rear

The engine is what most people are interested in this car. Just as with the previous model, the 2015 McLaren P1 GTR will feature a highly developed 3.8 liter V8 that will be able to provide up to around 900 horsepower by itself. This will be further increased with the help of an electric powertrain to around 1000 horsepower. Besides the power change, most of the internals will be the same as those on the P1.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR-engine

Interior and Exterior

The big changes will be made to the outer shell of the body which will receive new front and rear bumpers, new side skirts, smoother underside of the car as well as a massive spoiler at the back. These are meant to produce enough downforce to keep the car in check at high speed in tight bends. Suspension has also been tweaked and it is now stiffer and with the help of the new slick tires it will be able to glue the car to the road.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR-rear
On the interior, this new 2015 McLaren P1 GTR will probably get less equipment than the standard car in order to save weight and make the driver feel like he’s in a race. The usual satellite navigation, leather interior and cushioned seats will be gone and replaced to a full race spec interior that will not only be safer but it will also increase the feeling this car can provide.

2015 McLaren P1 GTR-front

2015 McLaren P1 GTR Price and Conclusion

The car will probably be build in a batch of 10 to 20 cars and it will cost no less than three million dollars making it almost twice as expensive as the current model. It will be released on the market in the summer of 2015 and you will be able to get the car by invitation only. In conclusion, the 2015 McLaren P1 GTR is going to be a race car for the public roads that will feature most of the things you love about cars. Madness and speed combined in a beautiful shell.

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