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2015 Jeep Cherokee Price and Review

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First Jeep Cherokee came out in 1974 model year. It was badges as the Jeep Cherokee SJ and during its first generation it was a full size SUV. During its long history Jeep Cherokee had numerous changes and updates and the last line of Cherokees that came out in 2014, with KL badge is a mid-size SUV and it was the first vehicle that was built on Compact SUV platform which was made in cooperation of Chrysler and Fiat. Now we have newest Jeep installment 2015 Jeep Cherokee

2015 Jeep Cherokee-front angle

There are a lot of differences between Cherokee KL and its predecessors, one of those is the name of the vehicle. Until 2014 for United States market Jeep labeled Cherokee as the Jeep Liberty, while Cherokee label was given to the vehicles sold worldwide. Since 2014 all Jeep KL line up is labeled as the Jeep Cherokee.

2015 Jeep Cherokee-rear

Interior and Exterior 2015 Jeep Cherokee

From 2014 Jeep Cherokee exterior has changed drastically. Cherokee lost its rectangular shape, as well as some of the prime characteristics that Jeep vehicles were famous for. The most important changes happens in the front part with new thin headlights and almost invisible grille, which is completely different from the good old Jeep look, with round headlights and chromed grille. We hope that in 2015 model year Jeep Cherokee will receive a different front part, from 2014 model. Jeep fans were very disappointed with 2014 Cherokee’s front, so we believe Jeep will try to give back the old grille and headlights together with giving back the more rectangle shape of the vehicle, as much is possible.

2015 Jeep Cherokee-interior

On the other hand interior of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee was praised by many online reviewers. It features some quality materials, functional layout and modern features. We hope Jeep is not planing to change much when it comes to interior of the new 2015 model. 2014 Jeep Cherokee had plenty of head and leg room, spacious trunk, and really comfortable seats, good for longer rides. Some nice features came in standard option in 2014 and we hope new 2015 Jeep Cherokee will come with the same package, maybe even with few more. Last year we had: six-speaker stereo, a 5-inch touch-screen display, a USB port, an auxiliary input, an SD card reader and Bluetooth, together with some additional options, like bigger screen, leather wrapped steering wheel, leather upholstery etc.

2015 Jeep Cherokee-front above

New Jeep Cherokee Engine

2015 Jeep Cherokee will probably come with the same engine as its 2014 model year predecessor. That means we will have 2,4 liter four cylinder engine, but we hope its power is going to increase, so we can expect more then last year’s modest 184 horsepower. In higher trims we’ll have 3,2 liter, 271 hp, V6. We also hope that fuel efficiency is going to rise from last year’s 22 mpg in the city conditions and 33 on the highway.

2015 Jeep Cherokee-engine

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2015 Jeep Cherokee Price and Release Date

Jeep is a little bit late with its new model. Last year’s model was presented in March 2013, and its sales started in already in November. 2015 Jeep Cherokee has not even been presented to the public, and its price is still unknown. We hope the release date will come in the end of 2014 or beginning of 2015 and that price is not going to be much higher then last year’s $22,500 for the standard version of this SUV.

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2015 Jeep Cherokee-rear

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