2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV-front

2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV Price And Release Date

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The new 2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV is soon expected to feature in the market and shall be presented with a new exterior design. Built to have an impressive look, this new model will be available with better upgrades and modifications also. It will also be here with some adopted concepts from the F-type roadster and the CX 16 also. This model’s look will seem to be sharper and edgy and is anticipated to be a big success in its segment.

2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV-side

New Jaguar CX-17 SUV Exterior

The much awaited 2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV will have broader dimensions and will measure; 4,718mm length, 1,995mm width and 1.649mm height. It also shall come with an increased wheelbase and shall comfortably take the 18inch wheels and shall be larger than those of its competitors and also that of the new Jaguar 3-series. This new 2015 CX 17 model will also have superior handling that’s a result of its improved suspension.
The new CX 17 SUV will be longer and lower and much larger than the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3 and shall experience all round styling and will entail beautiful curves.

2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV-front

Similar to its concept model, this vehicle will have a long hood which shall be supported by –twin tubular power bulged and shall maintain its principle grille as well as its LED lights that are inspired by the XJ-sedan. Its hexagonal design may also be forged for its for its grille panels using lightweight materials such as aluminum. Lastly, this model will have double-heart lines and a simple and clean design with the rear taillight redesigned with the shape of the F-type Roadster.

2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV-rear angle

Jaguar CX 17 SUV Interior

For its interior design, the 2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV shall elude a more futuristic design that will be built with superior materials that which shall also be well structured and has a well pronounced modern technologies accent. This model’s interior has quality polished aluminum finishings and its front seats are upholstered in quality leather and also its back leisure seats are dressed up in fine leather.

2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV-interior

2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV Engine

This new 2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV from Volvo, will be powered by a powerful 3.0l turbo diesel 4-cylinder engine which shall be fine tuned to give you a superior fuel economy ad also have reduced CO2 emissions with up to 50% for every 100km cruised compared to its previous models.
This model will be released with the base model diesel engine and shall later on be presented with a gas driven engine which is currently in its development stage.

2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV-rear

Price of 2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV and Release Date

About to showcase as a new generation model for the year 2015-2016. We expect this new 2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV price to be released at the start of next year 2015 and shall start selling at a base price of $39,600.

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2015 Jaguar CX 17 SUV-seats

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