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2015 Honda Accord Price and Release Date

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The new 2015 Honda Accord will have minor changes made to its exterior, interior and engine system. The engine system will also go through improvements making it more stable and powerful than other models in its class. It is one of the models in the 9th Honda generation.

2015 Honda Accord side angle

2015 Honda Accord – Price and Release Date

In addition to the high performance and stylish design, this model is reasonably priced with $ 35,000 being the starting price. The hybrid version will be a bit expensive with a starting price of $40,000. 2015 Honda Accord will go on sale next year.

2015 Honda Accord side rear


The slight modification made on this model will positively impact the overall design concept of this new model. Some of the design specifications and details are carried over from the 2nd generation such as the strut suspension. A hybrid model yet to be launched will expand the range of models offered. 2015 Honda Accord will be the flagship of the 9th generation concept idea. The manufacturing process will happen in Ohio, USA.

2015 Honda Accord rear sedan

Honda accord first hit the market in 1976. The high quality materials used in construction has enabled it to stay in the market for that long. The company’s willingness to change the design and performance will offer a wide competition in the market. Accord is among the most selling sedans in the market. The past Honda models had fewer dimensions compared to the current model. Hatchback version of the Accord will likely be discontinued, though the company is yet to confirm whether it will be included in production. The new Honda Accord model will perfectly fit in the Middle sized sedan. Sales might experience a boost thanks to the inclusion of the Hybrid models. Moreover, a coupe model will be offered.

2015 Honda Accord seats

Some of the improvements made on the new Accord comprise of: upgraded technology, Pandora Multifunctional system, modernized interior, multi angle camera, Honda Smartphone system and much more. A spatial distribution will be evident in the upgraded interior, leading to increased head and leg room.

2015 Honda Accord interior


Under the hood will be a 2.4l 16 Valve DOHC engine with 4 cylinders, paired to a manual gearbox offering 6 speed transmissions. This new engine will deliver 185hp and a 181 lb-ft torque. 2.4l is the standard engine which will be available for models intended for the European, Japanese and Australian market. The US market will have a different engine system: a 3.5l 24 valve V6 SOHC unit delivering 278hp and a 252 lb-ft torque. The hybrid model will have a 2.0l Atkinson engine paired to an electric motor. This engine will pump out 196hp and a 226 lb-ft torque. It will also have a combined CVT transmission.

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2015 Honda Accord engine

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