2015 Ford Bronco Price and Release Date

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Ford Bronco is a legendary Ford vehicle which was first made for the 1966 model year. During first two generations of its production it was made to be the pure off-road vehicle and to compete with the most popular off-road vehicle at the time Jeep CJ, made by Jeep branch of American Motors. Later it became the standard SUV. During its long history Ford Bronco received numerous updates and changes. This review will show you specs and info about Ford’s newest installment – 2015 Ford Bronco.

2015 Ford Bronco side angle

Story of Ford Bronco

Since 70’s it received the same exterior features as one of the most popular vehicles in United States, and star of the Ford’s F Series, F 150. Since then Bronco had the same front part and similar profile to the F 150. Only the rear part was different, since Ford F 150 is a pick up truck. Ford Bronco became infamous after the O.J. Simpson murders, when it was chased by the police, and filmed by the TV helicopter. O.J. Simpson’s chase became the most famous police chase ever filmed by Tv cameras in United States and Ford Bronco was the biggest star of that film. O.J.’s Bronco was shown in the courtroom as the evidence exhibit. Only two years after that 1996. Ford Bronco was canceled. In 2004, 10 years after the famous chase a concept version of Ford Bronco was showed on the Geneva Motor Show. New 2004s Ford Bronco concept’s production never started. There are rumors that 2015 model year may be the year of Ford Bronco’s return to the American roads and wilderness.

2015 Ford Bronco rear

2015 Ford Bronco Interior and Concept

Since the rumors about the new Ford Bronco concept are mainly connected with the changes to the new F 150 pick up trucks we can say for sure that if Ford decides to release a new Bronco in 2015, it will definaltely have all the popular exterior updates we saw in last few F 150 models.

2015 Ford Bronco front angle

When it comes to interior features, SUVs have changed a lot, since the last Bronco was out. Now instead of focusing only on the off-road capabilities, manufacturers started installing numerous hi tech features inside their SUV cabin’s, as well as the quality materials being used for cabin interior which all together makes new SUVs much more elegant and comfortable. If Ford wants to make a new Bronco compatible in this segment it will need to put a lot of new features inside its cabin. The 2015 Ford Bronco’s interior will probably be just a copy of F 150 interior, with all the comfort and interior features this pick up truck has.

2015 Ford Bronco Interior

Ford Bronco-Engine

When it comes to performance, we can expect some powerful new 2015 Ford Bronco engine under the hood. It may be 5,3 or 5,7 liter V8 from F 150’s higher trimm levels. This will make it compatible with numerous luxury SUVs like Toyota Land Cruiser or even Range Rover, the star of the SUV world. We can also expect four wheel drive to come even with the standard mode, and numerous off-road features.

2015 Ford Bronco engine

Price of new 2015 Ford Bronco and Release Date

Price and release date of the new 2015 Ford Bronco are still unknown. We can only give you the wild guess about the price of 2015 Bronco, it will definitely be more expensive then Cherokee, and less expensive then Land Cruiser or Range Rover, so we expect the price to come in range from $40,000 to $60,000.

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2015 Ford Bronco side

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