2015 Ford B-Max-front

2015 Ford B-Max Price and Review

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2015 Ford B-Max with the second row equipment package specials can be bought for 11.490 euros, which is about $14.894. With a very specific concept of the absence of “B” pillars with sliding rear doors and solid equipment, has become very interesting for customers.

2015 Ford B-Max-front

2015 Ford B-Max Exterior and Interior

Not only does the central or “B” pillar, but was sliding back door. This concept is truly unique and allows for a lot of things that others can not. Otherwise, leave the “B” pillar greatly facilitates entry and exit even in the front seat, especially when you have very little space to open the door. It is easier to squeeze between the door and seat if no steps. Commendable is that the steering wheel trimmed in leather, and all four have automatic window. Automatic windows gives another nice option – opening and closing of windows by pressing a button, remote locking. In the analysis of the equipment we need to praise and seven airbags, which imply a pillow, knee driver.

2015 Ford B-Max-side

ESP is also on the list of standard equipment, as well as a system to control the pressure in the tires. Trend package includes cruise control and Bluetooth connection, but because the sound system with six speakers above average as well, with good acoustics and low tones that easily shake pant legs. USB and AUX ports are standard, as well as controls on the steering wheel.
Controls the manual “climate” in the car usually does not look beautiful, even in most cases ugly with a total lack of ideas and originality.

2015 Ford B-Max-side rear

Despite being the practical base package for our market, the 2015 Ford B-Max Trend is equipped with a leather steering wheel with controls sound and electro-lifters with automatic for all four windows! MPV concept allows greatly increased headroom for passengers in the back seats, so even very tall people have no problem with comfort. Declared 304 liter trunk on paper would not seem so great, but in reality the trunk is very spacious and versatile due to its regular shape.
Standard Equipment: ESP, front and side air bags, air bag for the driver knee, control the pressure in the tires, automatic air conditioning, electric. rear view mirrors with heaters, leather steering wheel, ICE Pack 2 package (radio CD / MP3 with 6 speakers, radio controls on the steering wheel), automatic windows, all four windows with the launch via remote
2015 Ford B-Max-interior

New Ford B-Max Engine

On the contrary, to achieve stronger acceleration is needed to “spin”. As far as gear acceleration, you need to be ready to return to the level lower than you normally accustomed to and that on at least 3,500 r / min to a sharp tug. Who still wants better performance, 2015 Ford B-Max offers good old aspirated 1.6 petrol engine with 105 hp, but the final word art in the form of a new three cylinder EcoBoost turbo petrol and in versions of 100 and 125 hp. Of course, there are well-known diesel engines of 1.5 and 1.6 liters, with 1.5 derived from the current 1.4 TDCi.

2015 Ford B-Max-engine

Ford B-Max 1.4: volume 1,388 cc; power of 66 kW (90 hp) at 5750 r / min; Max. torque 125 Nm at 4000 r / min although new technologies and “downsizing” take precedence, good old aspirated petrol engines continue to not give, especially when it comes to lower purchase price and lower maintenance costs. Interestingly, brisk driving with rapid acceleration does not raise spending, on the contrary. Car has a average of 8.4 l / 100 km in the city. At 80 km / h consumes about 4.5 and at 130 km / h around 7.3 l / 100 km and at 3500 r / min in the fifth gear shift. These are quite reasonable data for the average family.

2015 Ford B-Max-rear

Conclusion and Price of 2015 Ford B-Max

When you take into account the price of the car and the power of other models that are competitive in terms of price and size, Ford not far behind, on the contrary. On average the class but that does not mean it is not enough for daily use and occasional visits outside the city. Suspension is soft set, so that the daily driving on tarmac full of tiny bumps is no problem for this car. Surprisingly Stable rapid transit through the curve and you will not be so easily result in an unpleasant situation, especially due to the increased height compared to conventional cars.

2015 Ford B-Max-side

Sound is commendable. Ford brought about a good package that includes six speakers with good acoustics projected in terms of the frequency range. We were surprised how much bass really low, and that the audio system software configured so that it can not come a distortion due to lack of power. Ford has managed to provide a really attractive offer for the 2015 Ford B-Max, which with the second row equipment package Trend and 1.4 gasoline from 90 “horses” will cost 11,490 Euros or $14.894, including VAT.

2015 Ford B-Max-front

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