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2015 Ferrari California T Price and Release Date

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With a look at the way Ferrari plays their game, it is like they work under an annualized car launching plan. Over the past 18 years, the automaker launched their Ferrari F12, few years after, they released the La Ferrari while now they are marketing their California T. Surprisingly, of all these models, 2015 Ferrari California T is only one that features a turbocharger power train.

2015 Ferrari California T-front side

2015 Ferrari California T Engine

The 2015 Ferrari California T engine obtains its power from twin scroll turbocharged V8 3.8 liter engine which has a power production capacity of 412kW at 7500rpm and torque of 755NM at 4750rpm. When compared to its predecessors, its output capacity is more than 70HP. It is maximum speed is as well higher by 6km/hr which makes it 316km/hr from 310km/hr. This engine comes paired with a dual clutch 7 speed automatic transmission.

2015 Ferrari California T-engine

2015 Ferrari California T Exterior

The 2015 Ferrari California T exterior surface has been integrated with sporty but elegant sleek style which incorporates previous designs and modern styling tech. With their much effort and corporation, Ferrari Styling Centre has come up with a complex but beautiful style that makes the car stay at the top notch of the styling contest. The carbon-ceramic brakes gave been amalgamated with a protection that boosts its ability to work under all kinds of environments. The springs have been hardened to lower issues with body roll and steering rack pitch.

2015 Ferrari California T-side

New Ferrari California T Interior

The interior has been made more comfortable and ergonomic through setting up new and better structures and designs. The dash has for instance been made more compact in order to aid visibility while the seats have been combined with headrests to enhance comfort. The 2015 Ferrari California T interior decor and style has as well been upgraded with few tweaks being made on the materials used and the colors. Other featured components in the car interior are the larger gear selector paddles, stability control system, electronic stability control off and the 458 styled steering wheel.

2015 Ferrari California T-interior above

Performance of new 2015 California T

With the major improvements made on the car engine, style, interior and exterior, its performance has as well being improved. For instance, the installation of the twin-turbo V8 engine which produces a higher torque level has enhanced the car stability, handling and traction control. As well, the installation of the seven speed dual clutch transmission that longer gear rations improves the longitudinal acceleration something that ends up reducing the fuel consumption rates.

2015 Ferrari California T-front

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Price of new Ferrari California T and Release Date

The price of 2015 Ferrari California T which starts at $ 409,880 is also a bit lower when compared to the previous models. The car goes on sale during the spring season of this year.

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2015 Ferrari California T-rear angle

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