2015 BMW I8 Price and Review

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BMW have called the 2015 BMW I8 the most progressive sports car currently, because it extends sustainability to a new car category. This is because this vehicle can compete with supercars in terms of driving performance and looks, while at the same time being a plug-in hybrid capable of driving for about 22 miles on only electric power and realize about 95 mpg.

2015 BMW I8 side

2015 BMW I8 0-60, Engine

Dimension of the car are 4.6 inches wider, 3.3 inches lower and two inches longer than a 4-series model, the i8 has the dimensions of a mid-engine vehicle (which it is), in any case when referring to the gas-drinking part of its powertrain. The I8 has scissor doors and sports many glitzy aerodynamic add-ons, including flat tunnels created by the upwardly extended back fenders and side extensions of the C-pillars, bladelike endings on the back fenders, a radiator exhaust at the center of the hood and underbody air intakes placed at the back endings of the side sills.
rare angle

The BMW I8 uses CFRP, a lithium-ion battery, an electric motor and a tiny gasoline engine. At the center of the i8’s plug-in hybrid system is a new, 1.5-litre rear-mounted, intercooled and turbocharged three-cylinder gas engine. It produces 236 pound-feet of torque and 228 horsepower, and uses a six-speed automatic transmission. The i8 comes in sport and normal modes. One half of the vehicle’s hybrid system is the electric motor mounted at the front, which adds 184 lb.-ft. of torque and 129 horsepower. It gets its power from a 7.1 kilowatt per hour battery.

The hybrid system produces a joint output of 362 horsepower, which, though extremely good, pales when compared to the 420 lb.-ft. of torque available on tap. Clearly, the combination translates to a brilliant performance. The new BMW i8 scampers to 100 Km/h in 4.4 seconds and can achieve the more significant 80 to 120 km/h transitory move in 4.1 seconds. The vehicle has a top speed of 250 km/h, which can compare to almost any supercar. When the driver chooses the Sport mode, the suspension and the steering become firmer and both of the vehicle’s powertrains are used to capitalize on performance. The driving power shifts from rear-to-rear to all-wheel drive as required to improve cornering agility.
front angle

2015 BMW I8 Price

The i8’s Sport mode forfeits economy in favor of clear driving performance. However, the vehicle also has an EcoPro feature, which is designed to make the most of the efficiency of the system, by using less gas and thus bumping up the driving range by nearly 20%. Regenerative braking plays an important part in the efficiency of the vehicle, and is affected by the selected drive mode. The BMW I8 price retails for about $135,000. Exactly date of release isn’t known, but some said that will be released in September.

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