2014 BMW X7 Concept and Price

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BMW officially announced some information about their new 2014 BMW X7 which will so far be the largest SUV the company has ever made. This new model will be built in South Carolina at the Spartanburg plant which is the production home of the X series model. It is an amazing family car with a 3 row seat passenger seats. So far, news of the X7 is making rounds and creating much expectation awaiting its official launch. This new model will provide enormous new enhancements and features that will create a comfortable environment for both the driver and passenger in addition to the easily accessible control system.

2014 BMW X7 front side

2014 BMW X7 -Engine and Mechanics

2014 BMW X7 engine will be powered by a similar engine used in the X6. Three engine options will be provided. The first engine will be a 4.4l V8 engine with a horsepower rating of 400 and torque of 450 lb-ft. The 2nd option will be a 3.0 inline 6-cylinder engine having a 300 horsepower and torque of 300 lb-ft. Lastly, those interested in the M version will be offered a 4.4l V8 engine with a 555 horsepower and 500lb-ft torque.

2014 BMW X7 front

BMW have been strict with information concerning the remodeling of the 2014 X7, however, speculations from the BM blog shed a bit of light about their newest X7 which will have a number of distinct systems in addition to a cutting edge engine. The X7 will most likely have the same engine systems as other X series versions available. This clearly means that X7 will most likely follow X6’s 6 cylinder engine. Read on to get a clear idea of how the engine performance will be.


2014 X7 Interior and Exterior

The options provided will go for different prices.BMW is well credited for creating stylish and classy vehicles for while still maintaining high performance. Some of their recent developments have become a favorite for many people and its certain than the 2014 BMW X7 will not disappoint.

2014 BMW X7 Interior

2014 BMW X7 interior and exterior design will receive a revamp that will rate it better than other X versions such as BMW X4 and BMW X5. It will have a modern design and new features such as: integrated front bumper with air intakes and kidney grille among other impressive features. X7 has an elegant appearance thanks to all the new features included. The interior is luxurious and comfortable equipped with wood insertions, high quality leather and new technologies. BMW did a remarkable job in the infotainment system that provides more comfort during a long journey.

2014 BMW X7 side front

Price and release date of new 2014 BMW X7

2014 BMW X7 price will be available for sale in United States, China and Russia markets and should be available in showrooms anytime this year. Having better performance than X6, X7 should cost more than $56,825 which is the estimated dealer price for X6.

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2014 BMW X7 side

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