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2014 Aston Martin db9 Convertible Price and Concept

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According to Aston Martin, producing the new DB9 proved to be an incredible challenge. This was a task that involved redesigning an already incredible car, the challenging them to make great car even better. Looking at the 2014 Aston Martin DB9 convertible, there is no doubt that the manufacturer is succeeded. Although the new DB9 borrows a lot from the older versions in terms of looks, a lot of work has gone into it; Aston Martin has redesigned it to make it more elegant that ever. According to the British Car Manufacturer, 70% of the body panels in the new DB9 are new.

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2014 aston martin db9 convertible – Engine and Mechanics

Aston Martin has also worked on its chassis increasing its stiffness by up to 20%. Despite this, the car is still 33lbs lighter than its predecessor is, and packs the most powerful engine ever seen in a DB9. Under the hood of the new Aston Martin lies a powerful 6L V12 engine capable of producing up to 510 horsepower. 2014 Aston Martin db9 engine produces up to 10% more torque than any of the engines in the older DB9s. The new 2014 Aston Martin db9 convertible engine is also designed to produce extra torque between 0-4000RPM ensuring high power at both low and high engine speeds. The new petrole engine drives the car’s rear wheels via a 6-speed gearbox, which is a touch tronic transmission that works through modern electronic shift-by-wire system.


This car can sprint from 0-60 Mph in just 4.6 seconds. It also accelerates to a top speed of 186 Mph. With such a powerful engine, one would expect even higher CO2 emissions as compared to the previous engines; however, Aston martin has succeeded in reducing the amount of CO2 emissions by up to 20%. The 2014 Aston Martin db9 Convertible has a consumption rating of 13mpg on within the city and 19mpg on the highway amounting to combined consumption of 15mpg.


Interior and Exterior

This car owes its great handling to a number of features including its state of the art carbon ceramic brakes, which offers better performances and lasts even longer, an adaptive suspension that adjusts to your driving style and road surface. At the press of a butter, the New DB9 kicks into sport mode, which sees the suspension become stiffer, the gear shift points becomes quicker, the steering sensitivity increases and the engines control valves adjusts causing a sharper throttle and an even louder exhaust noise. Sports mode sees the car transforms into a track performance car at the press of a button.


2014 Aston Martin db9 convertible interior has the best luxury of all DB9s; it comes with custom hand stitched leather seats made from the finest leather. Its center panel control switches are made from real glass. Although it only has two doors, this car carries a maximum of 4. The exterior carries the classic DB9 look, the front grill, tail and headlamps all look the same, however, there are a number of changes Aston Martin has put into the overall shape to give it better aerodynamics and make it look more advanced than the old models.


2014 Aston Martin db9 convertible Price

In order to drive home in the new convertible, you should be prepared to part with no less than $183,000 for a new one.

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